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Rogers Wholesale Foods Ltd started its journey in 2015 when Roger & Mark opened their first warehouse in Wimbourne, Dorset. Roger had taken a new warehouse too big for his current pie and pasty business and Mark, with the idea of wanting to show people that they could largely ignore best before dates whilst making amazing savings on their food shopping, set about working to show the public and educate people on the difference between 'Best Before' and 'Use By'.


Driven by a recognition that many people struggle to buy enough food on limited budgets, or are simply looking for greater value for money but also to help the environment as most food and drink ends up in landfill much of which is perfectly safe to eat. Roger and Mark decided to offer the public a way of saving significant money on their food shop with no strings attached but also help the environment. Its a win win.


All our warehouses are open to the public, 7 days a week. There is no membership required and you can just turn up whenever you want during opening hours, browse and shop at your convenience but remember we only sell by the case or by large packs as we are a wholesaler. We will even help you to your car with your purchase if you need it. We take credit cards, debit card as well as Apple Pay, Android Pay, Google Pay and cash.


Customer demand for more choice encouranged us to move to much bigger premises and we now have 4 warehouses - in Poole, Southampton, Plymouth and our most recent new flagship warehouse in Bilston (West Midlands) which opened in January 2019. We plan to continue our expansion into other areas during 2019/2020.


As specialists in gone past best before, and short dated food and drink, Rogers Wholesale Foods stock over 5000 product lines in our warehouses including well-known big brands across an extensive range of drinks and tinned, jar and dried foods. Some of our customer's favourite items are cereals, pasta, crisps, biscuits, sweets....... We also stock gluten-free / dairy free and 'free from' products but check out the facebook page of your nearest warehouse to see whats new in as we put 98% of the new stock straight on to our pages so you can see whats arrived. Dont forget to like our pages to keep up to date but also join the over 130k people who like our facebook pages over the 4 sites.


We do not stock anything past its 'Use By' date so all our products are safe to eat.



What's the difference between 'Best before' and 'Use by' dates?


The 'Best Before' date relates to food quality. Food can be sold, redistributed or consumed after this date but it may lose taste, texture or color but that virtually never happens with the superb packaging our food comes in these days.


The 'Use by' date relates to food safety and these items are normally meat, fish and unpasteurised cheese. These cannot be sold, redistributed or consumed after this date as they could then make you ill.


Interesting Fact:


Every year in the UK over 7 million tonnes of food and drink is thrown away, a huge amount of it past its 'Best before' date but still good to eat.




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