Want to become a supplier?


Want to know more about becoming a supplier to Rogers Wholesale Foods? 

Are you a manufacture or wholesaler of food & drink?

Are you left with products either gone past best before or short dated?

Rogers Wholesale Foods work with small wholesalers/brand owners to global manufacturers/brands. We are flexible in our ability to be able to purchase in small and large volumes at one time, from a small number of cases to full lorries of product on a daily basis. 

Rogers Wholesale Foods have 5 Warehouses throughout the UK in Poole, Southampton, Plymouth, Bilston (West Midlands) & our new flagship warehouse in Manchester 

We work with you to ensure a smooth process is carried out from start to finish.

Our Values we adhere to:

  • We want to purchase your short dated and gone past BBE dated stock
  • We can purchase large and small volumes from pallets to full lorries
  • A variety of food & drink products welcome
  • We do not sell online
  • We do not sell to other retailers or discount chains
  • Fair prices always offered and out first offer is always the best
  • Easy and simple unique payment terms

Your products will only be sold through our own warehouses to the general public. 

We will not advertise your product/brand on our Facebook pages, if you do not wish for us too.

Rogers Wholesale Foods offer a solution that avoids landfill/incineration costs, prevents food wastage and help many families that struggle financially or those who simply want to save money on their food shopping. 

Our 5 warehouses throughout the UK are open for the general public to purchase wholesale products. Along with preventing food waste and landfill costs, our customers can get a lot more food for a lot less money. Many families in the UK run their households on tight budgets just about managing month by month. By shopping at Rogers Wholesale they can ensure their cupboards are always well stocked up and not to forget school holidays can be a real struggle for many parents. 

We have a very unique, quick and simple way of working with our suppliers - Contact us today to see what a difference we can make for your business.

If you want to work with Rogers Wholesale Foods

Contact our fantastic Buying team today !


Telephone Number: 07871 712379


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